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Free Vending

The most common vending option is simply to have vending machines installed at your facility at no cost to you. We take care of the re-stocking, service and maintenance of the vending equipment.

Subsidized Vending

The only difference is with this option you will have lower prices for the convenience of your employees and at the same time we will invoice you for the difference.

Commission Based Vending

Your company will get a monthly commission check usually used towards employee events and recognition awards towards the end of the year.

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Alligator Vending

Alligator vending services has hundreds of customer locations in Southern California

Alligator vending services has hundreds of customer locations in Southern California and is a big player in providing the highest quality vending equipments in these locations. We provide complimentary vending devices, subsidized vending or commissioned based profit sharing with the location owner, and follow it up with a five Star client service. Feel free to peak at our business and interact with our friendly Alligator vending service team.

Bruce Bitman

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Soft drink Vending Machines

- Alligator Vending can supply you with a drinks vending equipment with the products of your selection. It can be Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Snapple, bottled water and fruit juices and many more. Our drink soda vending machines, are top of the line.

Snack and Candy Vending Equipments

- From potato chips, granola bars and nuts to sweet bars and gum … our objective is to help you stock a wide array of the most preferred treats. Alligator Vending gladly accommodates a healthy selection for your snack vending machine.

Gourmet Coffee Vending Machines

With our coffee machines, your staff or visitors will love the excellent coffee, hot chocolate, French Vanilla and other hot beverages that our machines can make. It’s the taste of fresh brewed coffee, minus the hassle of making it or tidying up that compliments it all.

Fresh Food Selling Machines

- Appetizing fresh food are great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. These fresh food vending machines make dishes on the run a delightful and convenient undertaking; more so when one is running late.